Common Sex-Related Issues Associated With Low Estrogen Levels

Common Sex-Related Issues Associated With Low Estrogen Levels

Reaching menopause often comes with its challenges, especially involving sex and intimacy. Remember, estrogen levels drop as women age, and the hormone is integral to women's sex and reproductive health. Studies show that women above 50 may have negative sexual experiences, including dyspareunia, inadequate lubrication, and vaginal odor.

Such experiences may undermine their sexual confidence, lowering their sex drive. Fortunately, women can use available remedies to counteract such challenges, boosting their sex lives. This blog outlines common sex-related challenges facing menopausal women and effective products they can use.

Vaginal Dryness

Sexually active women may experience vaginal dryness at different stages of their lives. Some common causes include medication and hormonal imbalance. Vaginal dryness that arises from such factors often fades over time after you eliminate the contributing reasons.

However, menopausal women may experience persistent vaginal dryness because of the natural decline in estrogen levels. The condition predisposes women to uncomfortable sex arising from soreness. Consequently, women may be unwilling to have sex.

Women may use various suppositories to overcome vaginal dryness. For example, hyaluronic acid suppositories trigger the vaginal mucosa to maintain moist and lubricated walls. The acid supports the mucosa's regeneration, which keeps the vagina moist during penetration. This protects women against excess friction.

Alternatively, women may use DHEA suppositories to overcome vaginal dryness. The body absorbs DHEA, triggering similar hormonal functions to estrogen. Women using DHEA suppositories experience improved vaginal lubrication, making penetration pleasurable.

Vaginal Irritation or Inflammation

Low estrogen levels may also manifest through vaginal inflammation. Women may experience persistent itchiness and pain even when not having intercourse. Such discomfort likely lowers their sex drive.

Moreover, vaginal inflammation makes penetration uncomfortable. Remember, menopausal women with vaginal inflammation likely also experience vaginal dryness. Thus, they may become sore and experience pain post-coitus.

Women with vaginal inflammation may benefit from Vitamin E suppositories to relieve the itch and discomfort. Whereas the vitamin does not focus specifically on inflammation, it reverses vaginal atrophy, solving inflammation in the process.

Alternatively, women may use Estriol cream, which resolves issues involving pruritus vulvae (itchiness) and inflammation arising from having an atrophic vaginal epithelium.

Vaginal Odor or Discharge

You may notice watery discharge and odors after reaching menopause. It should not cause you to stress, as such symptoms are normal for menopausal women. The discharge often arises from vaginal irritation. It triggers your body's immunity to fight infections, resulting in the discharge.

However, the discharge may also arise from common infections that affect menopausal women because of changes in their vaginal pH and flora. Women with vaginal odor or discharge may use boric acid suppositories to remedy the condition. Your gynecologist may prescribe these suppositories to treat conditions like yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. You may notice that the odor has cleared after some time.

Women should monitor their vaginal health to identify abnormal odors and discharge that may likely indicate underlying STIs. Using suppositories may be ineffective in such instances. Thus, you should seek timely medical care should you notice such symptoms.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

It is common for the pelvic floor muscles to weaken after menopause. It affects muscle dilation and relaxation, predisposing women to pain during penetration. Moreover, women who have intercourse when experiencing severe pelvic floor weakness may notice extreme post-coital fatigue.

Such women may benefit from CBD suppositories. It triggers muscle relaxation around the pelvic area, making penetration comfortable. Thus, you are at low risk of experiencing muscle cramps after sex. Moreover, women may use CBD suppositories after intercourse to boost muscle relief and recovery. Rapid recovery means you can have frequent sex with minimal discomfort.

Women reaching menopause should use available suppositories to improve their sexual health. Interested clients may order from Mother's Dose through our online store. We deliver to most states within the United States.

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