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"I have been using the estriol and progesterone cream products for about a month now. I am IN LOVE!!! It does what it says, I have had only 2 hot flashes and that was because I forgot to use the cream that day. I'm so glad I found this company!"

Nicole T

FAQs:  vaginal suppositories


what are the ingredients?

mother's dose feminine wellness products are made from various ingredients like Full-spectrum hemp, DHEA, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic acid, and Tea tree oil.


"I went from looking at my ceiling fan, to having the best sex of my life!"

Ali S. 

"Love how these suppositories are so creamy and dissolve quickly. Makes the whole area feels like velvet. Saying bye to Vaginal Dryness!! I can't believe how effective these suppositories are!!"

Lisa K.


how to use

simple steps to follow!



why suppositories?

it's not just for those who can't take anything orally - there are many more benefits that we pride ourselves in.



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