Vitamin E Suppositories (Complete Moisture)
  • mother's dose's —vitamin e—  complete moisture is our concentrated multi functional suppository which targets signs of vaginal dryness and dehydration. the vitamin e oil formula lubricates dry areas and provides complete moisture to the vaginal tissue.


    according to the literature, vitamin E plays a key role in estrogen stability.  based on scientific findings, the use of vitamin E suppositories could improve vaginal atrophy.


    vitamin E suppositories are suggested for relieving the symptoms of vaginal atrophy, especially in women who are unable to use hormone therapy or cope with the associated side effects.

    Vitamin E Suppositories (Complete Moisture)

    • Wash hands prior to use.  Once you are ready to use, separate one shell from the rest, then gently peel the flat plastic tabs apart to reveal the suppository inside. Lie on back; insert suppository with finger or applicator.

    Anna K

    These suppositories are the ultimate foreplay for me! I was able to have nearly pain free sex for the first time in over a year.  It’s the right amount of CBD and lubrication. My orgasms also multiplied.

    Gloria T

    These are great for menstrual and premenopausal relief. I bought the CBD and DHEA ones and even my doctor can’t believe how much better I’m feeling.

    Laura C

    I refuse to run out of these ever again.  Since entering menopause, I’ve had really bad vaginal dryness. These vitamin e suppositories are amazing. My husband is really happy too.


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