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pain & pleasure: cbd suppositories

Managing Pain and Pleasure with CBD Suppositories (cannabis suppositories)

What did ancient women know about healing and nurturing the most intimate parts of their bodies using natural, herbal remedies that we don't? An ancient herbal tradition that was subdued has emerged as a widely accepted, natural treatment for personal healing and wellness. CBD suppositories[1] are helping women swap pain for pleasure in perfect harmony with their own bodies!

Unlocking CBD for Pain and Personal Health

The research is clear — cannabis can help treating various kinds of pain.[2] While women from around the world have long used cannabis for intimate health, the power of natural and gentle herbal treatments has been lost over time in favor of some very artificial, ungentle treatments that work against the body instead of promoting the melodiousness that happens when all is working in sync.[5] It is that search for natural, gentle support and pain relief that has many looking to CBD suppositories. The big thing about CBD suppositories is that they allow for enhanced bioavailability. That means that faster, more potent benefits can be experienced than can be expected with other forms of CBD.

The pelvic region is a delicate, interlocked web of nerves.[6] This intricate system of very alive, very sensitive nerves travels up through the legs and spine. That means that what happens in our intimate web happens in our whole body. The female reproductive system is peppered with endocannabinoid receptors where cells, nerves and muscles mediate hormone secretions, sensations, energy usage and more. Unfortunately, most mainstream treatments for female pain and desire fail because of logistics. The treatment isn't getting where it needs to be to deliver effective, noticeable results. CBD suppositories sync up with receptors directly and potently.

What Are CBD Suppositories Used For?

The Pain Angle

Are you considering cannabinoids for pain? CBD suppositories can be especially powerful at targeting pain in a two-fold way. First, suppositories allow you to administer pain relief locally to the area where the pain is radiating from.[7] Also, CBD travels throughout the rest of the body after entering the bloodstream to deliver benefits for body-wide relief. That means that localized pain, radiating pain, and general pain are all addressed using a single method of pain support instead of stacking treatments.

The Pleasure Angle

One need not be in a state of pain or discomfort to want to experience the benefits of CBD suppositories. For many, this is a method of unlocking pleasure and connecting with their bodies in deeper ways.[8] Here’s a sexual health fact[3] that you might not know — many women report an aphrodisiac effect after using CBD suppositories that doesn't happen when they ingest or apply CBD oil topically to their intimate regions. The reason behind the pleasure link is still mostly a mystery. However, it is thought that CBD causes the smooth muscle of our blood vessel to significantly loosen up and relax by way of nitric oxide (NO).[9] As the vessels swell, we can experience sensitivity and stimulation peaking.[10]

Trying CBD Suppositories

Women of all ages are addressing pain and desire issues using CBD suppositories. Mother's Dose exists to help women take that next step to control their pain and pleasure. The old way of treating female health is new again! Check out our products page for more information.


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