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mother's dose review by oracle

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Simply put, Mother’s Dose is the health and wellness brand that every woman deserves. This all-natural company is wholly focused on crafting products that benefit the woman’s body and the specific complications it goes through. Their products–suppositories, topicals, and hand sanitizers–are some of the most beautifully packaged products I’ve ever used. While Mother’s Dose products are quite pricey, in my opinion, they’re more than worth it to spend some extra bucks on. For women who are plagued with painful menstruation or other uterine issues, their suppositories are truly life-changing. You can even turn to some of their more arousing suppositories to spice up your love life and enjoy intimacy more than ever before.

Mother’s Dose non-CBD topicals, too, utilize super special ingredients to target menopausal-related issues like hot flashes and hormone imbalances. During even my worst days of the month, these products made my pains feel more manageable than ever before. Instead of relying on huge doses of Midol or Aspirin with caffeine, I felt much, much better turning to Mother’s Dose all-natural suppositories. Before I knew it, I was acting as if it was any other day of the month.

Editor’s Picks

  • The only two products that Mother’s Dose has on their website that contain CBD are the special suppositories I talk about down below. However, I also fell in love with their non-CBD products, specifically, their Biest Body Cream. This body cream is perfect for women going through menopause, as well as other hormonal imbalances. This cream combats low libido, hot flashes, mental fogginess, and so much more.

  • Nobody can have enough hand sanitizer right now. Mother’s Dose Isopropyl Alcohol with Tea Tree Oil Hand Sanitizer is one of the best smelling, most gentle hand sanitizers I’ve tried yet. With almost entirely natural ingredients, this product is great for those of you concerned about too many chemical additives with traditional hand sanitizers.

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