vaginal dryness?

Do you suffer from vaginal dryness?

Are you over 40?

Have you been diagnosed with peri, pre, or post menopause?

Let's find the right product for you.


are you dealing with any of the following;

hot flashes, night sweats, pcos, vaginal dryness, insomnia, pms, acne, mood, depression, libido, and lack of energy?

are you over the age of 40?

have you ever been diagnosed with peri, pre, or post menopause?

have you ever tried topical hormone therapy?


do you experience pain during sex?

looking for more pleasure?

are you looking to upgrading your sexual experience?

none of the above?

do you not relate to any of the questions above?



vaginal dryness


if you answered YES to any of these ​ questions, than our top 3 suppository suggestions are:

if you are suffering with other symptoms of menopause, than it is recommended to speak to your medical doctor about using a suppository for vaginal dryness, as well as balancing hormone levels with our products.



if you answered YES to any of these ​ questions, than our top 3 topical cream recommendations are:

*for optimal hormone balance: use both an estrogen and progesterone cream as dual therapy

vaginal pain


if you're experiencing painful sex, this is what we recommend!


sexual pleasure

if you are looking to create the ultimate sexual experience, we recommend our "elite pleasure"




do you need further help?

take our quiz on our homepage, and fill out your contact information if you would like to speak to our specialist directly to find the right product for you


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