Bioidentical Body Cream for Women

As a woman, you will face many hormonal changes as you age, especially as you approach menopause. These changes can affect everything from your mood to your health. However, you don't need to simply accept these changes. Instead, rely on bioidentical body cream for women from Mother's Dose.

What Is Bioidentical Body Cream?

Bioidentical body cream is a form of bioidentical hormone therapy. However, it is unique in that you apply it topically on your skin. Unlike other forms of bioidentical hormone therapy, it goes straight to your tissues and allows for quick application and use. Like other forms of bioidentical hormone therapy, it contains hormones like estrogen, which often can decrease with age.

Bioidentical body cream raises your hormone levels, which helps to ease the changes that come from decreased hormones.

How Does Bioidentical Body Cream Benefit You?

As a form of hormone therapy, it provides all the benefits that other hormone therapies offer. For example, with bioidentical body cream, you can enjoy:

  • Relief from symptoms: When hormones decrease, they can cause women to gain weight, become fatigued, experience a lower sex drive, become anxious, sleep badly, feel irritable, or experience hot flashes. With bioidentical body cream, you can enjoy a reprieve from these symptoms.

  • Reduced risk of disease: Decreased hormones can increase your risk for heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes, or arthritis. Bioidentical body cream can help decrease your chances of you getting those diseases.

  • Improved muscles: You often encounter muscle changes as you age. As a result, you might experience increased weight gain or diminished strength. However, with bioidentical cream, you can enjoy better muscle mass and strength, which can help with weight loss.

  • Better quality of life: Someone who experiences any of the potential symptoms of decreased hormone levels might feel worse both physically and mentally. By relieving those symptoms, bioidentical body cream can help you feel better about yourself and your life as a whole.


Bioidentical body cream is safe and easy to use.

Why Choose Mother's Dose?

If you want the best women's bioidentical cream, Mother's Dose has it. We provide a wide spectrum of healthy and helpful ingredients like Vitamin E, tea tree oil, and CBD. This way, you can enjoy all the benefits that our bioidentical cream has to offer, along with the benefits that these individual ingredients also provide.

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