The Story Behind.

As a mother and pharmacist, I felt as though “Mother’s Dose” was the most suitable name.  After graduating from pharmacy school and owning a compounding pharmacy, I knew that this was the next chapter to my story — my personal line of female-focused products — Mother’s Dose. 


In 2018 —

I was approached by many medical professionals and patients about compounding CBD suppositories at the pharmacy. These requests were from: oncologists who wanted to alleviate patients cancer symptoms and side effects from therapy; gynecologists who wanted to treat menstrual pain, pelvic discomfort, and vaginal dryness; endocrinologists who wanted to prescribe CBD suppositories to help patients with sexual arousal and stimulation.


Welcome to Mother · s  Dose

We have a variety of products and formulas created to help women who are ready to improve their lives and welcome a new way of feeling better.


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